Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reflections from a 6th Dance Chaperone

6th graders come in all shapes and sizes, colors and varying degrees of confidence and style.

Some look as young as 3rd graders and are about as mature. Some could easily be in high school and show that maturity, too. 

There's always a "player", even if he's only 12. 

Requesting songs is always fun.

Everyone could have worn a LITTLE more deodorant.

Everyone likes to dance to familiar songs that have familiar moves. 

More walking around in clumps happens than actual dancing.

When a couple is brave enough to slow dance during a slow song, their friends form a circle around them and spotlight them with their phone lights. 

Lots of videotaping happens. Quality just CAN'T be great in the dark to the flash of laser lights.

Some girls really like to dance and are great. Others just like to do ballet moves. Or herkies (sp?)

More than a couple of songs sounded suspiciously like 70s disco and 70s TV theme songs. 

Most of these kids have better phones than most of my friends.  

The majority of the boys are like puppies: playing tag, chasing and running. At least no one piddled on the floor. 

Seeing my 6th grader in the context of a group of other 6th graders is reassuring & comforting, especially since I tend to worry about mine in isolation. This reminds me that she is doing JUST FINE. 

My friend, Denise Morris is a bada** chaperone. I think she even scared a few of the other newbie chaperones into behaving. 

Boys still cry when they get their feelings hurt. And girls know how to cheer them up. 

Most of all I was amazed by these unique bundles of potential and nervousness and hormones, who share the same desire we all have, the desire to belong. Bless each one.