Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Held a Place for You Today

 For Mindy, Pixie, and Linda, my Tuesday morning prayer circle and lifeline:

I held a place for you today,
sitting thoughtfully, quietly on the bench in front of the church
in bright daylight
listening to the trees, teeming with life:
birds calling,
squirrels chirping,
crows caw-ing,
owl hooting in the distance.
No question of God's presence
through creatures who also call our church their home.


I held a place for you today,
cool breeze on my cheek,
wispy gray clouds moving swiftly over blue skies.
I sit here in this place.
I feel at home,
my church.


I held a place for you today
with shades of green and bursts of vibrant color,
miraculous in the midst of drought,
each pot carfeully tended by a loving gardener.
Zoom in on a blooming pot of magenta
a bumblebee, no two, makes his rounds.
Zoom in a little more
and ants make their way along green stem highways,
about their busy work.


I held a place for you today
Nestled here in the livable forest
I only need to zoom out, to shift my focus
and I can hear and see the community beyond:
cars dropping children to school,
school buses delivering precious cargo,
dogs barking to be let in,
an airplane roaring across the sky.
We, as a church, hold a relevant place in our community,
offering friendship, belonging, gratitude
and the face of Hope.

I held a place for you today
Marveling that this church is more than two buildings and a playground
with a cool new covered walkway.
This place which has grown with me,
represents my faith,
my journey,
my family,
and my faithful God
who always
holds a place

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