Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can You Open It Now?

She jumped out of her grandparent's car and ran into my arms,
my youngest,
my precious girl,
whose cheeks I had not smooched in three days.
It was a full-body hug,
that said, "I really missed you."
My favorite kind.

After a few minutes she asked Nana,
"Can I get it now?"
She and my mom disappeared for a moment.

She called my name
and I turned toward her voice,
But all I could see was the huge beautifully wrapped box,
with two Chloe legs sticking out below.

She set the box down,
"Can you open it now? It's an early birthday present."

Now that is a surprise.
My birthday is more than a month away.
Her smile and excitement tugged on my heart.
In a minute, honey, let's say goodbye to Nana and Papa first, ok?

As Nana and Papa drive away,
We come inside the camper and have supper,
Hot dogs and chips filling our bellies.

"Can you open it now?"
Just a moment, sweetie,
I want to take a picture of your beautiful wrapping and coloring.

More waiting
while we scramble for the camera.

Finally, an eternity later,
"Ok, let's open it!"
She squeals and begins to help me.

A BIG box
with LOTS of packaging and
I reach the treasure.

A handmade birdhouse.

An original creation
made by Chloe and Papa.
Representing hours of togetherness:
and hammering
and nailing
and sanding
and painting
and waiting
and decorating
and wrapping.

 An unexpected gift
full of the pride of creating
and the joy of working together,
granddaughter and granddad.

Given freely to me,
With love.

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  1. The most precious gifts are often those freely given from the heart when we least expect them.