Friday, July 29, 2011

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

There is nothing like a vacation - especially one that takes me over 2,000 miles away - to help me wind down and relax. There is also something magical about traveling back to the beautiful little island where I spent two years of my life as an eager and yet somewhat nervous Peace Corps volunteer. I was stunned to realize that it was exactly 20 years ago that I walked these streets, calling Grenada home.

20 years.

How could that be possible?

That means that the students I taught are now grown; some even have grandchildren!

It hasn't taken me long to slide into the relaxed island pace. For the record,  I'd like to note that Ryan was actually rushing me out the door yesterday, after I literally slept until noon and was feeling fully slug-i-fied. We had to get to the bank to change money before it closed at 2pm. With a smile Ryan said, "I promise this is the last time I will rush you for the entire trip!"

We spend our days "liming" -  driving and walking around, stopping to say hello to nearly everyone we pass. Trent has gained a new perspective of his dad's popularity. We have a running bet that there is nowhere we can go in this town or this island where Ryan doesn't meet someone he knows.

I guess that is what home is. 

The place where everybody knows your name.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when more than once I've heard, "Miss Nelsooooooooon." Students I taught in the two primary schools here still remember me after 20 years, even with shorter hair, more wrinkles and more of me to love.

I guess that is what home is. 
The place where everybody knows your name.

Thank you, God, for beautiful places to call home.

Our little cottage

Chloe and cousin Jada

Beautiful Khavani, the newest addition to the family

Ryan's best friend Robert and his son, Brent


  1. Home is truly a place where love and respect is shown. Even after twenty years of rendering your services as a Peace Corp Volunteer to a people whose culture is so different from your own. God is showing you that when Love and Respect is genuine, they tenderly touches the heart and one never forgets so the Students are saying to u that you have somehow impacted their lives.So whenever you hear Miss Nelsoooooooooooon remember, they are saying Grenada is also your home, WELCOME!

  2. Enjoy your liming....and mangoing. Love you!