Thursday, May 31, 2012

10,080 Minutes of Prayer

It is that time of year again when Kingwood Christian Church hosts a 24/7 prayer room for one week. From midnight on Pentecost Sunday until the following Saturday night at midnight, someone is in our sanctuary every single hour of the day.

Seven days.
168 hours.
10,080 minutes of prayer.

Prayers for the people of the world,
Prayers for our church,
Prayers for our church staff,
Prayers for those suffering from addiction,
Prayers for our world leaders,
Prayers for our schools, teachers and students,
Prayers for those we love who are hurting.

For someone who might say, "An hour? How can I pray for an hour?"
I would just like to say, "Come and see."

There are opportunities to pray through art, through music, through scripture.
One can light a candle for someone or write a name on the prayer wall.
One can confess sins and pray for those recently baptized.
One can pray with a sacred object and and pray for those who don't know God's love.
We can name a burden we carry and release it into God's hands.
So many ways to pray.
Each one precious.

We are not a huge church.
I dare say it is miraculous that we've been able to cover all the time slots - 168 of them.

Thankfully there are those willing to take the midnight to 6 am shifts.
There are those who have said, "If you need me, just call."
On many nights, our pastors have taken up the slack, praying through the night.
Many have taken more than one shift.
Some have committed their presence daily.

I have been blessed by these moments with God.
It is Holy Ground.


  1. What an awesome blessing & opportunity. Praise the Lord!

  2. thanks for your reflections, Lindy! I always love the week of prayer...the space just feels different that week. Palpable presence...all our spirits mingling with Spirit.

  3. thanks, Lindy, for your reflections. i always love the week of prayer. the space just feels different for me that week...all of our spirits mingling with Holy Spirit...a palpable presence.