Wednesday, June 15, 2011

24/Prayer Challenge - What Does Prayer Look Like?

How could I spend a whole hour praying?

I asked Ryan to go up and take pictures for me. I expected him to be gone about 30 minutes. An hour and 30 minutes later he made it home. His explanation, "Well, I went up to take a few shots, but it was so cool I got sucked in!" That's what happens. God meets us there when we are faithful and show up!

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  1. The prayer room @ KWCC is an amazing place. I went with few expectations, but knowing our wonderful pastors, I knew it would shake up my comfort zone. I was not disappointed. There are so many ways to access God, and Mindy and Robert have provided lots of "flavors" here. Surely there is at least one I would like, I thought. In fact, there were many.

    It was a precious blessing to make time for God in His house. Normally it is full of people and busy-ness when I am there. But I've always felt the KWCC sanctuary was a truly holy place when it is dark, quiet, and empty. This time, I found it to be dark, quiet, empty, but very serene. Though the experience is new to me, I was able to visit many stations, take time to pray for many needs, and feel that connection to God that I crave in my daily routine.

    I am so grateful for our pastors for setting up this time and space. It is strange, but strange in the sense that it is out of the ordinary. But that's what I needed- and I will be sad when this time ends. I wish it didn't have to end.