Saturday, June 25, 2011

Praying with Chloe

Day 6 - 24/7 Prayer - 8 am Friday morning

Today Chloe and I went to pray together.
First, we lit candles for others:

Candle #1
"Dear Lord, thank you for being with Papa during his surgery.
Help him to feel better & stronger soon."

Candle #2
"And Lord, help Anna & Rachel have a good trip."

Candle #3
"Oh, and even help me to find a buddy at my gym camp next week.

Then we put on some music. Chloe chose the African Children's Choir. Excellent choice, I must say. She started moving to the rhythm right away and we made our way over to the art center.

The first thing I noticed was how much more art there was since the day before. Oh, yes. The teens had been there overnight for a lock-in. Together we looked at the art hanging on the wall.

Chloe noticed Kayla's picture right away. She loved how Kayla wrote LOVE using a heart for the O. She decided to try a picture just like it.


I decided to paint a heart using different colors radiating out from the center. I remembered making pictures like this when I was growing up, using crayola markers.

love is at the center
of my heart
It brings color
and stretches out
it never ends"
It was magical, sitting in that space with my daughter, creating and tuning in to God's whispers of love. I felt the energy of my creativity and well as the collective creativity that had been offered by others in this space. I recognized both as gifts from God. And I offered thanks.

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  1. Like, like, like! What a blessing and a gift to share that time with Chloe---makes my heart smile for you both.