Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bedtime Blessings

Is there a sweeter time than bedtime? Tonight Chloe chose Little Cloud by Eric Carle and Kersplatypus by Susan Mitchell to read for her bedtime stories. She reads to me now and I'm filled with joy listening to my big girl read with such confidence and expression.

The especially adorable part is that her mouth has one less tooth tonight, after she spent all day yesterday "rocking" that loose tooth, though it stubbornly hung in there until early afternoon.

Chloe was amazed to see that Kersplatypus had an inscription on the title page written by the author to her! The author, Susan Mitchell, spoke at Chloe's school this year. Very cool.
Connecting the story to the author to herself was even cooler.

This sweet connection was a precious gift to me today -
a glittering jewel in my crown of memories.

Goodnight, my sweet girl.


  1. Lindy, you are so blessed in many ways.....

  2. You are such a Loving Mother.
    It is so wonderful to have moments like these with your daughter, I guarantee it will become one of her "precious Memories" that she will cherish and share with her own daughter in the future.