Sunday, June 5, 2011


What is worship?
For me, worship is many things. It is expressing my praise and gratitude to God. Worship does not have to take place in any particular building, but worship happens when I open my heart to God. I am privileged to worship every Sunday morning among those molders and shapers of my faith who raised me and have loved me for the last 30 years. Watching my children grow in their faith in this same church is a blessing beyond words.

Worship happens spontaneously for me when I am in nature. Sunsets and sunrises, trees and birds, the sound of waves, and shaded greenbelts all bring me close to God. Because of all the windows in our sanctuary, we can see trees and clouds outside, no matter where we sit. Closeness to creation brings me closer to the Creator.

Just being still provides another opportunity to worship. Often on hectic Sunday mornings, after getting everyone ready and getting out of the house (almost) on time, Sunday school, choir practice, and song leading, the first time I stop for a minute to BREATHE, to open my heart to the God who loves me, is during Miss Pixie's beautiful prelude. Sometimes in those moments of intentional stillness, something will crack open inside me and tears will spill over. Not because I'm sad or upset, but because joy and gratitude just bubble up and overflow. I am filled with so much love for my God and my church and my church family. This is worship.

                    My thanks to Ryan who always keeps his eyes & heart open for the whispers of God...


  1. Reading with this for me was one of those "joy overflowing, tears spilling" moments for me. Beautiful. The pews too. :D

  2. Don't you just love it when your cup just overflows and there's nothing you can do to stop it?